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Monitor specification:

1.  7" Color monitor
2.  monitor Total Pixels: 800(H) X 480(V)
3.  monitor power supply: DC 12V
4.  osd language:  english (10 languages available)
5.  up, down  left, right adjustable
6.  16:9  model
7.  Built in sunshade
8.  Operating Temperature: -20°C-60°C
9.  Portable aluminum case
10.  Battery: 12V 4000MAH     rechargable li –ion or Lead-acid
           Used time :   7  hours
11.  Charger: Input: AC90-240V , output: DC 12V    1000MA
12.  SKIDS size:  1. SKIDS1:  Φ40MM  2. SKIDS2: Φ80MM

Camera specification:
1. camera size: 23mm x 120mm, front size:45mm
2.Camera case material: stainless steel 304
3. Camera glass material: sapphir glass
4. sensor size: 1/3 CMOS
5.Total Pixels: 1100 TVL HD
6. view angle: 120°
7. camera led light: 12PCS white LEDS
8. Leds adjustable
9. Special gold point touch connector
10. Cable length: 50 meters
11. camerawork current: 100MA     
12. camera power supply:DC 12V
13. waterproof: IP68
14. Work temperature: -10°C-50°C

Cable wheel
1. Cable size: 320MM(diameter)X110(h)
2. Wire material: fiberglass rod
3. Fiberglass length: 50M
4. Fiberglass diameter: 4.8MM
5. Fiberglass color: yellow

DVR specification:
1. DVR power supply:  12V
2. DVR work current:  200MA
3. storage medium: SD card (max 16G)
4. dagital clock and dagital calendar
5. DVR Total Pixels:  720X576   (D1)
6. picture snap and movie record
7. movie format: AVI


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